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Complete Range of Voice and Data Network Cable Installation Services in Newfoundland

Iceberg Heat Pumps is a certified wiring and data services provider that offers experienced cabling, wiring, and data and voice networking services to businesses. We excel in installing, designing, implementing and servicing networking systems of all types. We provide all kinds of voice and data wiring solutions, from assessing cabling issues and cleaning up network cables to removing unnecessary cables. Some of our voice and data wiring services across Newfoundland include installing network cables, troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading old cables, and network hardware and security systems.

Structural Voice and Data Cabling for Your Business in Newfoundland

We provide a range of voice and data wiring solutions, such as:

Networking voice and data cable

Troubleshooting office for any voice or data networking issues

Rewiring, removing or disposing of old cables

Installing network hardware

Data cables

Reliable Cable and Wiring Installers Across Newfoundland

At Iceberg Heat Pumps, we offer cabling design and wiring installation for a wide variety of businesses properties such as:

Medical offices

Educational institutions

Showrooms and boutiques

Data centres


Sporting arenas

Restaurants, hotels, and resorts

Multi-level office buildings

Dental office interior with dentist chair

Moving to a New Location? Get Cabling and Wiring Services Wherever You Go

We offer wiring and network cabling services across numerous scenarios, including:

A New Office

If you are opening your office at a new location, we can quickly assess your needs and design a reliable and operational cable networking system. Our professional electricians will complete the whole installation and wiring process, and do a final check to make sure everything works well. They will even label every cable to make recognition easier.

Relocation of the Company

When you relocate your company, you need to take care of many things, and one of them is the cable networking system. We at Iceberg Heat Pumps take care of all the data cable installation and wiring to make things easier for you at your new location. We will set up and install all the cables required for a smoother experience.

Better Cable Networking

If you want a better cable networking infrastructure at your current location, we can provide that without much disruption in your business operations. We will use the latest technology and tools to properly inspect, repair, and enhance the networking structure of your existing location. We will take care of all your data and voice cable networking needs, including fibre optic installation and video cabling. Whatever your needs are, we will devise a plan and find the most comprehensive solution for you.

Fixing Cable Issues

If you have an issue related to cable networking, we will fix it by:

Removing Unnecessary Cables

With technology getting updated every day, old cables lose their functionality and become harmful. Therefore, it is important to remove them from all areas of your building, such as vents, floors, walls, and ceilings, to prevent the risk of any danger. It is quite tricky to remove unnecessary cables, but our experienced professionals at Iceberg Heat Pumps are able to do it with ease. We can detect any unnecessary cables tangled around and remove them safely and securely.

Cleaning Network Cables

We are qualified to find any cabling issues you may face in your electrical storage room and provide you with the best solutions for a seamless cabling operation. We will also make sure to clean the cables and make them look more organized.

Safe and Secure Cable Installation

We can get a cable network system designed just for your needs.

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