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Home Wiring and Other Electrical Services for Your New Construction in Newfoundland

Iceberg Heat Pumps collaborates with homeowners and builders in Newfoundland and manages all the electrical needs for your new home, including complete home wiring and appliance installations. Some of our home electrical services in Newfoundland include the supply and installation of LED lights, wiring for hot tubs, and electrical maintenance. Our team of licensed professionals will upgrade your home and make it as good as new.

Our Popular Electrical Services

Here are a few electrical services that you can trust us to offer in your new or renovated home:


We, at Iceberg Heat Pumps, will plan the right lighting platform to reduce your costs by as much as 80% and create an aesthetic atmosphere using lighting.


From plugs to plot lights and new panels, we provide all kinds of electrical renovation services by keeping all safety guidelines in check. We also assist in the relocation of big appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators during renovations.

Plug Replacements

Damaged plugs are very troublesome and a matter of inconvenience. Our team at Iceberg Heat Pumps efficiently inspects the problem and replaces the plug quickly with a durable one.

Modern Electrical Solutions for Modern Homes

We provide expert electrical solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and performance of your electric appliances in your new home.

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