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Thorough Residential and Commercial Electrical Inspections in Newfoundland

Electrical safety is one of the few things in your property that can’t be compromised. It’s important to detect even the smallest of faults to avoid any safety hazards. That's where Iceberg Heat Pumps comes in. Iceberg Heat Pumps offers personalized electrical inspections across Newfoundland. We have a Code 1 license and can provide you with a thorough inspection and determine the root cause of the electrical issue. We will solve any problem you may have so you feel safer and more secure in your home.

Our team of three electricians, along with the owner, repair several items such as generators, wiring, and lighting and strive to restore them to perfection. We consider every residential or commercial property our own and do everything to make it perfect. We'll examine your current electrical system and provide recommendations so you can rest assured. We'll do everything while keeping energy cost-effective and efficient.

Types of Inspections We Offer

We conduct the following types of inspections at your residential or commercial property:

Buyer's home inspection

- With it, you get a deeper understanding of your home and outline its significant components. As a result, you can find out what needs your attention and ensure that your new home is safe from any electrical hazards.

Commercial building inspection

- This provides a complete overview of all vents, sockets and other parts, and gives you an idea of what is working well and what needs to be fixed.

Seller or owner listing inspection

- This inspection is one that the existing owner conducts before putting their house on the market. When you understand the problem with your home before you put it on the market, you can address it before it becomes a problem for potential buyers.

Apartment and condominium inspection

- An apartment inspection's primary goal is to find any electrical flaws in a house that can influence your decision to purchase it or the price you have to pay for it. It's your chance to learn more about what the real issue is before you buy it.

Electrical renovation inspection

- Electrical inspections are an important part of renovations as it is your chance to find hidden faults while you upgrade your house. Electrical inspections assist in the safety of people in your home or building from electrical dangers.

New building inspection

- New homes seem to be flawless, or nearly so, yet many people claim that they often have underlying problems. Inspections can help you get a home that is safe and secure from risks. You won't have to spend a lot of money on repairs before or after you move in.

If you are wondering what we will do on our visit, here is what our home inspection services include:

Checking smoke detectors

Checking all the outlets

Checking GFCI outlets

Analyzing electrical systems and writing reports on them

Checking for any wiring faults

Tuning up electric panels

Electrician working on panel

Moving to a New Home?

Get your home checked for any electrical issues from us before you move in.

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