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Preferred Company for Complete Residential Electrical Services in Newfoundland

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The residential electricians at Iceberg Heat Pumps are all highly qualified and have years of expertise dealing with household electrical problems. We are a full-service firm serving all across Newfoundland and can fix any residential electrical problem you have. From upgrading electrical appliances to installing new systems, we strive to provide high-quality residential electrical services at budget-friendly prices. We have expertise in planning, renovating, repairing, rewiring, or giving just the final touches to your project. We aim to keep your home safe and secure by fixing any fault in your electrical system.

Bringing Quality Services to Your Doorstep

As professional electricians, we specialize in a variety of household electrical services, including:

Mini-split Heat Pumps

There are two main components of a split AC system - the indoor unit that spreads the cool breeze into the room and the outdoor unit that disperses the heat out. In a Mini-split system, both of these units function effortlessly without requiring any ductwork. 


If you’re looking for a highly efficient ductless mini-split heat pump in Newfoundland, your search ends here. Iceberg Heat Pumps is a trusted provider of quality HVAC systems for both residential and commercial purposes. We have a well-established team of skilled professionals who will quickly and effectively install your new mini-split heat pump for you at your home or office. We are also associated with government financing programs including Newfoundland Power. 


Most of our mini-split models have the capacity to connect up to four indoor units to one outdoor unit resulting in multizone heating and cooling functionality.


Contact us to find more about our mini-split heat pumps.

Electrician is installing mini-split heat pumps
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Installation of ductwork for an air conditioner is a crucial and challenging step, whether you are building a new family home, renovating an old structure, or adding an extra room. Besides, if you are doing all the work yourself, it will take much longer. We at Iceberg Heat Pumps will do the AC ductwork quickly for you. We can help you with everything - from planning to designing and finishing the task quickly and effectively. With our high-quality services and hands-on experience, you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

We will take care of all the ductwork including:

Plenum installation

Main trunk line installation

Branch runs installation

Returns installation


Meter Socket Upgrades

A meter socket keeps the electrical meter dry and protects it from any harmful elements. To make it safer and meet the increasing power demands of your home, you need to upgrade the meter base constantly. You shouldn’t try to carry out this task on your own and must hire a licensed professional. Also, you should make sure that your meter socket is upgraded to 200A or 400A, depending on your needs. We at Iceberg Heat Pumps upgrade meter sockets for both old and new properties. We can also add new electrical sockets at convenient points for electrical car chargers at your property. Contact us and get expert consultation on the correct meter socket for your home.

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Electrician turning off power for electrical outlet at circuit breaker box

Service Upgrades

Your electrical service panel is responsible for the transfer of power to your home. This is where the power goes, to the meter base and then further to the main electric panel, which then distributes it. An inefficient or faulty electrical service panel can affect the power supply of your home, which makes it important to keep service and upgrade it regularly. Homes with low-powered electric service panels don't have enough power to run all the modern appliances. It can lead to a fatal calamity, such as a short circuit. A service panel upgrade eliminates the problems with the existing panel and supports all your new home appliances. If you want a professional service panel upgrade, Iceberg Heat Pumps can assist you. We offer expert service panel upgrades at reasonable prices. Contact us to know more.


Iceberg Heat Pumps is your go-to solution for quality rewiring and upgrades when you're ready to renovate or redesign your residential or commercial property. We'll collaborate with you to create the optimum electrical design and layout for your home or office. Contact us for any kind of renovations, rewiring, or inspections throughout Newfoundland.

House renovation

Need Electrical Repairs at Home?

We have skilled and certified technicians who provide residential electrical services including ductwork, rewiring, service upgrades and much more.

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