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High-quality Commercial Electrical Solutions for Your Business in Newfoundland

Iceberg Heat Pumps has been proudly providing commercial electrical solutions to customers across Newfoundland. We have reliable electricians who take care of everything from interior to exterior spotlights and commercial fittings. At Iceberg Heat Pumps, we always keep budget and reliability as our utmost priority. With our determination and professionalism to get work done the right way, you will get a value for money deal. We realize how stressful, costly, complicated, and unsafe it can be for company owners to resolve electrical system issues independently. As a result, we provide a comprehensive range of commercial electrical services, all of which are handled by some of the top electricians in the business.

Electrical Solutions for Diverse Areas

Apart from interior and exterior pot lights, we install and maintain different electrical devices and systems while reducing energy costs.

We work on places such as:



Farms and agricultural properties

Pisciculture projects

Marine and wharves



Lighting in office

Our Commercial Services

We offer numerous commercial services like:

Air conditioning and electrical heating

Power equipment wiring and installation

Pot lighting

LED fixture upgrading

Electrical Services

Our wide range of electrical services include:

Inspecting and fixing power outage

Resolving light fixtures

Upgrading LED lighting

Fixing electrical short circuits

So if you are looking for a reliable commercial electrical service, contact us now.

 Licensed FILE #: 250870223 Preview Crop Find Similar The man checking or changing Fluorescent light tube in the building

Value for Money

We offer expert commercial electrical services that would fit your budget.

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